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The Most Important Decisions You’ll Make about Your Wedding Entertainment | Warble Entertainment

The Most Important Decisions You’ll Make About Your Wedding Entertainment. Veteran UK Wedding Vendor and CCCW Creative Partner, Warble Entertainment shares some great tips…

Take a second now to close your eyes, and really imagine your wedding day. Those big moments such as your ceremony, being with your friends and family, hilarious speeches and of course the big party at the end of the night.
Now, do the same again but imagine it without any wedding entertainment whatsoever. No music. No band. No DJ… a single tumbleweed rolls past as you wonder, “where’s the fun?!”.

CCCW Creative Partner, Warble Entertainment see this time and time again where the entertainment choices our couples make can change a good wedding into an absolutely outstanding one. You will have a certain atmosphere in mind for your wedding day – how you’d like your guests to feel, the tone of the room, the sounds that accompany this and the overall ambiance of the day. The biggest mistake you can make is to leave all of this up to chance. Wedding entertainment is without a doubt the one thing that can instantly shift the mood of the entire room in an instant. Every day we deal with couples who are looking for something that little bit different to either stand out or just enhance special moments throughout their day.
The actual wedding ceremony is a big one. Rarely do you see a bride walk down the aisle in complete silence. Many opt for a backing track with chosen music, which of course can be fitting – but why not take it to the next level? Such an important moment deserves special attention and having an actual live musician to accompany you down the aisle really elevates the occasion.
Classical options such as harpists and beautiful string quartets are undeniably memorable, and are sure to open the floodgates to many tears from your guests!


Wedding entertainment is more than just a way to heighten the mood, it can also act as a ‘babysitter’ of sorts. Do you worry about those gaps and transitions in your day where your guests are left to their own devices and stifling small talk commences between distant friends? Those dreaded lulls can become instant highlights with the inclusion of an entertainer such as a magician or singer. These acts serve so many purposes, the main one being that they are an amazing way to break the ice between guests who haven’t met yet.
To really leave a lasting impression, you need to have a killer celebration at the end of the night. No party is complete without music and dancing to silence is a demanding task…
Wedding bands have evolved profusely over the years and can now cater to a mountain of different tastes, personalities and styles. If you get this right and make the right decisions early on, your guests will be raving about your day for years to come and not passing it off as just another wedding!

For more advice on your wedding entertainment and a selection of the UK’s best wedding acts, contact CCCW Creative Partner Warble Entertainment.
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