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Pennsylvania Wedding | Emily & Toren | AGP Collective

Emily & Toren’s Pennsylvania Wedding.

“We met at Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester, PA. We were each sitting alone and got to talking over beers. We soon realized we REALLY enjoyed each others company and did not want to part ways when it was time to go. We exchanged numbers and left it at that.  A couple weeks later we ran into each other and decided to not part ways ever again.” – Emily


Why The Country?
“Toren loves camping and I love the beauty of the country and the outdoors. Chester County Pennsylvania, has some absolutely breathtaking views and hidden gems if you know where to look.
 Having the Wedding day run smoothly was very important to us because We did this wedding 98% Do-it-yourself.
I say 98% because we had our amazing photographers Sarah and Dan from AGP Collective there and we had our wedding coordinator Nikki there to make it all come together without us having to worry. Do-it-yourself is great for saving some money but is it ever stressful! Setting the camp and main dining area up the night before was a huge undertaking that would not have been possible without our amazing friends and family.
That being said, it was all on us to make this venue look passable as not just a summer camp but as a wedding venue. Having a day of coordinator there and photographers who knew how to direct and give cues and timing was so very important.
Paradise Farms Camp is a summer camp and educational camp during the school year. I (Emily) had gone to Outdoor Education there as a middle schooler and had seen a total stranger’s wedding photos from the camp and basically just knew that this was IT. The camp had cabins where our guests could sleep, fire pits, bamboo forests and a perfect, rustic look without feeling super forced and overdone.” -Emily
“The most complex part of the wedding to piece together was, honestly, just getting everyone on board with the decision to hold it at the camp was pretty trying at times.
Once my parents started to really understand our vision and resign themselves to the fact that this was going to be hard work, yet it was so important to us, everything came together. We didn’t want to look at country clubs or ball rooms (absolutely no offense to those who go this route- it just was not us). We only wanted this one place and we would have to bring in every plate, every wine glass, every flower, every tablecloth, every chair, all of the alcohol, the staff etc. (All by ourselves.) It wasn’t an easy concept for some people, including us at times, to grasp. Hiring the day of coordinator was so key as was just slowly compiling all of our decorations over the whole year long engagement.
Our favorite memory from our wedding is celebrating during dinner. Looking around that room that our entire family tirelessly put together the night before (to make our vision come to life) was a beautiful thing. Seeing the faces of our friends, family and each other as we all sat and ate, drank, danced, gave toasts, laughed and cried was honestly so wonderful and heartwarming and something we will never forget or take for granted.
These people were all there to celebrate Toren and me becoming family and it was something we will cherish forever.” -Emily
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