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“Abigail connected with me initially when she saw my photos that I shot at my sister’s wedding on Facebook. Abigail is from Lynden, which is the same town where I’m from, while James, the groom, is from Spokane. They live together in Seattle, but they decided to have the wedding in Cle Elum because it’s the absolute midpoint between Lynden and Spokane. The wedding took place in Big House Lodge during Labor Day weekend, and they hosted it in the most relaxing and fun way possible. They invited all their friends and family to come over for two nights of camping and bonfire and ended the weekend with the grand wedding ceremony on Sunday.
And then comes the wedding day – it was a day that was filled with nothing but emotions. The moment Abigail walked down the aisle, James broke into tears. I believe it was the first time I’ve ever seen a groom crying with such raw emotions at a wedding ceremony. Throughout the whole day, I could see joyful tears on lots of faces. The way Abigail cried to James when they first had their little private moments right after the ceremony, and the time when Abigail squeezed her dad into a tight hug during the father-daughter dance – these were the moments that made this couple really special to capture and it touched me in so many ways.
Maybe it’s because of the whole range of emotions shown throughout the whole day, the wedding crowd all decided to turn the energy another way around as the day got dark. Well, with a TINY bit of alcohol, everybody went crazy. Some shirts were off, some red solo cups were thrown in the air… But hey, I couldn’t have asked for a better crowd to photograph. They were a memorable bunch to work with!”
-Roddy Chung | Photographer

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Photographer | Roddy Chung | Roddy Chung
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