Wedding Dress Designer & CCCW Creative Partner, Jude Jowilson Elardo, is a fashion designer with over fifteen years experience creating custom-made evening gowns and wedding dresses…

Inspired by his grandmother, a skilled home-based seamstress, he developed an interest in fashion at an early age. He graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and later opened his own boutique in his native country, Cebu City, Philippines. He came to New York City to continue his education in fashion design at Parsons The New School for Design and is now launching his own bridal collection under the Jude Jowilson brand.
Jude Jowilson’s design aesthetic is sophisticated, classic with a modern approach and exquisite attention to detail. His gowns are manufactured and hand crafted in the USA, using the finest fabrics and materials. He specializes in couture quality with delicate embroideries, intricate draping and dramatic silhouettes that define luxurious elegance.
His influences come from designers, from the 1920’s through the 1960’s and everything about him and his aesthetic is 100% classic.
You can find his designs at Forever Amour Bridal in NYC as well as his website
Not only is Jude talented in fashion design, if you follow him on Instagram,  @Jude_Jowilson, like me, you’ll soon become obsessed, because his talent carries through to Interior Design, anything culinary and setting the perfect brunch table. And just maybe, he’ll share his recipe for Chocolate Bourban Pecan Pie.

How early did you know that you wanted to be a designer?
When I was very young… seven years old.
 What type of woman do you have in mind when you are designing?
I design for everyone.
 Where do you find your inspiration?
From the classic movies.
 Favorite quote you live by?…
Everything happens for a reason.
 Do you carry your design aesthetic into your home?
 It seems to me from looking at your designs that you have a flair for the dramatic but with a hint of innocence? Is this who you are?
Yes for the dresses. Myself, I’m rarely dramatic, but I’ll accept innocent.
 In terms of beauty looks, do you have dos and don’ts?
There are no rules. It’s all about balance.
 What is the bridal styling mistake you see over and over again and you want to correct once and for all?
 Brides showing too much skin.
 Should every girl seek the help of an expert?
I think so. Sometimes brides have an idea of what they want, but an expert can guide them to realize their perfect vision.
 What is your favorite (Non- wedding) attire for men?
Jackets with pocket squares, and I’m obsessed with lapel pins and boutonnieres right now.
 What is your favorite (wedding) attire for men?
A classic tuxedo.

 Where will I find you on a Sunday afternoon?
At home cooking, hunting for treasures at vintage thrift stores or going to the theater.


Jude Jowilson 
Cheers! CCCW