New York Gay Wedding Catskill Mountains.

A Q & A with City Couple Eric & Mark about their Country Wedding…


Your names?
Mark Smelzer
Eric Fisher
Where do you call home?
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
How did you meet?
Describe the proposal?
I surprised Mark by meeting him on a hike in the desert at Palm Springs, CA. Mark had just finished his annual trade show in Las Vegas and went to Palm Springs for what he thought would be a solo trip. With the help of a few PS based friends, I arrived in Palm Springs the day before Mark did and ultimately planted myself at the end of one of his favorite hiking trails.
 What brought your wedding to the country?
Our close friends Mike and Jess married at the Roxbury Barn a year before I proposed. We instantly fell in love with the specific location as well as the surrounding area. The energy there is so tranquil. That night we asked Mike and Jess if they would mind returning someday for our wedding.
 What were the most important aspects of your wedding?
The ceremony itself was, of course, important. More important was being able to gather a relatively small group of friends and family for a weekend of casual moments to intersect, catch up, meet each other. Roxbury was perfect.

Spring Wedding at Roxbury Barn

Your favorite memory from the wedding?
Selecting a single memory is difficult. The ceremony itself was beyond everything we could have wanted. Favorite memory, though, was definitely after the ceremony and cocktails. As we gathered our guests to head into the barn, we announced that the baby we were expecting was a boy. It felt like a true culmination of the day: what was in the past, the present and what was to come in the near future.
Also. Our friend’s toddler peed by the pond which was pretty fun.

Spring Wedding at Roxbury Barn

*Photo Caption: Eric & Mark announce they’re going to be Dad’s!

What advice would you give to other couples planning a destination Country Wedding?
Fall in love with the place the way you’d fall in love with your partner. Ask yourself if you’d want to return again and again. If the answer is yes, then you’ve found your spot.

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