Enza Events is a Floral & Event Design company focusing on Weddings, Bar & Bat Mitzvahs…

With over 25 years of experience, Enza Events has designed & produced hundreds of events up and down the East Coast. A love for flowers, a passion for design and attention to detail Enza and her team work hard in keeping each event unique and tailored to each of their client’s needs. Making a connection with each of her clients and really listening to what they want comes with ease to Enza which really sets her apart from the rest. 
Enza’s Wedding. She designed every last detail. Photographed by Kimberly Coccagnia
Photographs by Jean-Pierre Uys Photography
 What is your favorite flower?
There are so many! I love sunflowers because they’re so big, bright and happy. But honestly, I love them all.
How did you get into wedding floral design?
My very first job was at the age of 13 working in a local Yonkers NY flower shop.
What do you enjoy most about being a floral designer?
Each and every event is so different, so it’s like a new job every weekend…it never gets boring.


Photographs by 1314 Studio
Any trends that you hope go away soon?
Not that I do this ….spraying flowers to get them to match exactly to the bridesmaid’s dresses. TACKY!
How do you encourage your clients to think beyond the bouquet?
I always say that the bouquet should really act as a piece of jewelry and accent the gown which is really the show stopper.
What are some classics looks that will never go away?
White classic weddings. It’s beautiful to walk into a room that’s is flooded with white florals and candles everywhere…it’s timeless.
Pinterest. Good or Evil?
WELL….It’s really both. Bride’s go on Pinterest and think that they can do everything they see themselves which we all know is not the case.
I like to use Pinterest as a tool to collaborate with my clients, it’s really great to get a sense of their style and what they like and don’t like. I guess it’s more good than evil (LoL)
Minimalism or Maximalism? 
When comes to flowers, definitely maximalism.
What are your favorite trends when it comes to wedding flowers?
Incorporating old vintage props into wedding designs.
Photographs by Brian Dorsey Studios
 Our mission is to make the entire design process fun and full of creativity. Collaborating with our clients is important to us in creating the perfect atmosphere for each event. We bring your vision & inspirations together with our ideas and creativity to design a memorable & unique event. Our capabilities are endless with being able to offer florals, specialty linens, custom day of papers, branding, lighting design & furniture rentals. Whether your planning a wedding, mitzvah or social event Enza Events can take all the legwork out of creating a beautiful affair.
Enza Events


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