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Weddings… so many tiny details, some you won’t even be aware of. There is one detail that haunts photographers, cinematographers and couples alike. It’s the microphone and microphone stand. Whether you think you need one or not, they seem to always appear, protruding into the faces of the couple, during the most sentimental moments.

Cheers! CCCW


There have been so many discussions with couples on the value of Lavaliere Microphones, and the benefits of them.

We would post some examples here, but we would never let a couple think that their wedding was ‘less than’, because of this.

But, there have been times Photographers have to hire Photoshop experts to remove the mic/mic stand from multiple photos (without telling the couple.) The Photographer wants the couple to see their images, as they should be.

If you google, ‘mic stand wedding ceremonies’ some interesting articles come up. Especially, one where a couple wants to know how to dress up the mic stand…

Just don’t!

First. Assess on whether you really need amplification, depending on the size of your ceremony, length and especially if it’s outdoors. Mics/Mic stands are not part of the natural outdoor landscape. Can you (the couple, officiant and readers) project your voice without a mic/mic stand? You would be surprised, how many times it will work without amplification!

If you do need to have amplification, invest in Lavaliere microphones.

Justin Prahar of Sounds to Go wrote an in-depth article on this.                 

Bottom line, don’t overlook what you may think is a non-issue. If it affects anything visual, please discuss prior to with the visual wedding professionals you hired. Don’t let a little thing like a mic/mic stand become a big thing that shows up in all your ceremony photos.