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Wedding Planning Guideline | A Realistic Look!

Photo: Kimberly Coccagnia

(“A Realistic Look”)  at a Wedding Planning Guideline…

You’re getting married and you start searching Google for everything you may or may not need to help you with wedding planning.
Bets are you’re going to run into a few of those dreaded timelines.

Listen, you know you’re going to have to find something to wear. You understand you’re going to have to feed your guests. You get it.
What you don’t need is a list with a breakdown of everything from, thanking your friends for their support to finding the right pre-wedding counselor.
The great thing about weddings is that when you hire professionals, they all know what to do. Once you pick your budget, guest list and venue, the rest will really fall into place. Book a caterer, Find the photographer and videographer,
Look for a florist that you love and hire a band or DJ that you love. Common sense plays a big part of planning as well.
Invites do need to go out, but you certainly don’t need an army and a 37 step process to accomplish this. And tips like “Play With the Shape and Size” and “Make Sure They’re Legible” don’t help. Businesses know their trade. They will ask you a few questions and take it from there. They’re pros. Trust them.
There is a myth that wedding planning is stressful. It’s really not. And it shouldn’t be. It’s meant to be enjoyed, so enjoy it.
Start here and the rest will fall into place:
  • Decide on a Budget and Guest Count. (Approximate) (You will need this for the venue search)
  • Pick a Wedding Date. (Narrow to three flexible dates)
  • Decide what type of Wedding you would like to have and the location. Do you want a Country Club Wedding, a Barn Wedding, an Industrial Wedding, a Winery Wedding? Decide this first. Pick an appropriate Venue and work with this type of Venue not against it. ( e.g. Don’t expect your barn wedding to look like a country club wedding)
  • Start to look for the people that will document your day. Photographers and Cinematographers are not as flexible and may only do one event per weekend and certainly only one event per day, unlike some florists and caterers that may have a team that can spread out a little more.
Start your search here…Click on the Links below to our Creative Partners Directory.
Sure, you may want a fire dancer or tightrope walker, but focus on these points first. Again, everything else will fall into place. We promise.
Keep in mind, that the Venue usually has a point person that will work with you. Also, the Catering Company normally will have a point person/coordinator to assist with the day’s events.
Look to these professionals for answers (as this is part of what you’re paying for).
Also, keep in mind the individual professionals you hire (photographer, florist, entertainment) are experts in their fields. Ask for their advice individually. (Don’t ask the Florist, what time pictures should be taken and/or don’t ask the Band, how the floral arrangements should be set up.)
All wedding professionals have worked numerous weddings and understand wedding logistics, timing and how their particular job is incorporated. Use them. They actually appreciate it when they are included in decisions as this does help the overall workings of the day. -CCCW


Cheers! CCCW