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How to Be the Perfect Country Wedding Weekend Hosts?

3 Ways to be great Country Wedding Hosts!

If you’re planning your wedding in the country, more than likely it will be a multi-day affair. The key to happy guests is to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Heres how:
  1. Great Accommodations!
    Ensure your guests are comfortable by checking out first hand the Air B&B, Inn or Hotel. If you wouldn’t want to stay, your guests won’t either. Make sure transportation is set and the instructions are in the guest’s gift bags. Also, be sure that all of the lodging hosts have backup instructions in case your guests have questions.
    Don’t forget the gift bags! What I have found to be some of the best contents are local maps, transport information, The weekend itinerary, gum/mints, a local specialty, whether it be chocolate or beer/soda and something salty to snack on once they have arrived back to their room after a night of partying. (Aspirin is always a great idea as well) Summer Wedding musts are mini tubes of sunscreen, and bug spray.
  2. Great Food!
    You will probably host several events, they don’t have to be formal. Friday night can be a BBQ and Sunday can be a casual goodbye brunch outside.
    Many wedding locations are inclusive and allow all the events to happen on their property which makes things easier for you your wedding professionals and of course your guests!
    Remember, feeding your guests well is a huge declaration of gratitude for their participation in your wedding. They’ll leave with a huge smile on their face!


  1. Great Activities!
    Make a list of local activities for your wedding guests. Whether it be shopping, hiking, a spa day, swimming or checking out the local pubs, let them know how and where. You can certainly host some events yourselves, but I found that most guests like the opportunity to take this time to relax and leisurely adventure out on their own.


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Cheers! CCCW
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