Canada Theatre Gay Wedding…

Carl and Eric can both remember their first encounter, exchanging glances from across the room at the only cafe, both just as interested in finding out who the other could be.
With a bit of help from their friends they did exactly that. It wasn’t long before they were head over heels, and moving in together. Soon Eric left for his trip to Australia. 8 months apart was a good test for their new relationship. It was while he was visiting that February, on Valentine’s day 2014, that Carl proposed on a private balcony overlooking the ocean. Neither imagined that they would find a person to share forever with, but they have. And now they are thrilled to have all of you joining them to celebrate a long life together, full of love and adventure.

 “I don’t even know where to start talking about these two. Carl & Eric have such a love between them, that you can’t help but smile just being around them. They planned a simple small Market Hall wedding in Peterborough, they got ready together in their home, walked around downtown for some photos, and had a long time family friend officiate their vows. I have been a close friend of Carl’s since I was 15 years old and seeing him this happy was wonderful.” – Ash Nayler | Photographer

“I cried so much during the vows it was hard to focus my camera. I have to admit, I am a huge nerd, and when I first found out that my friend Carl was getting married, I knew I had to shoot this wedding. I saw him out at a coffee shop, I hugged him, congratulated him, then insisted he hire me, I pretty much just didn’t take no for an answer. It was well worth my being a little pushy. I could not have loved this day more.”- Ash Nayler

“As a side note, both of these handsome men are extremely talented. Carl is a beautiful artist, who tattoos for a living, but has been creating art of all sorts ever since we were in high school. And Eric, has quite a green thumb, he loves his plants a lot, and he didn’t admit it, but I bet he sings to them when no one is around, their house is full of greenery of all sorts.” – Ash Nayler

“This wedding ended with the most epic of dance parties I have ever been to. At some point my second shooter and I put our cameras away and joined in. I got home with a sore face from smiling and sore feet from dancing!” – Ash Nayler


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